Time Pieces

Time Pieces – Prologue 

All that I know about Moritz Grossmann in 24 chapters

My watch credentials are pretty weak.

Three years ago, I didn’t know a Patek Philippe from a Richard Mille or a Timex from a Greubel Forsey.

I owned and wore (everywhere) a quartz Ebel that I bought thirty years ago duty free in Miami airport for about $1,500.   I also had my dad’s old Navy issue WWII Omega stuck in drawer somewhere, but never wore it and didn’t appreciate it.

Today I own five hand made pieces of German watchmaking mastery.  I was introduced by a skiing pal to Moritz Grossmann and fell for their work, their people and their watches hook, line and sinker.

I’m now their agent.  I’ve got a calling to share what I know about these amazing timepieces in six sections – outlined below.

Fair warning – it gets expensive.  I’d love to help you spend wisely.

1         Diving In – crash course in watchmaking
a.      Hypnosis – Glashütte pilgrimage
b.     Genesis – no Grossmann, no Glashütte
c.      Pardon – learning German
d.     Prototype – designing the first BENU


2         Circling the Drain – becoming enchanted
a.      Genius – meet the watchmakers
b.     Hook – “you’re lending me what?”
c.      Line – hands like no others
d.     Sinker – when a watch becomes your friend


3         Down the Rabbit Hole – building a collection
a.      Initiation – lucky watch
b.     Double-down – I told you:  hands like no others
c.      Surprise – small watch, big personality
d.     Guilt – you need a bit of blue
e.      Legacy – the antique pocket watch for your wrist


4         Exceptional as Standard – stories of unique watch design
a.      Organic – whose hair would you use?
b.     Bootleg – where’s the rotor?
c.      Clever – solving the manicure problem
d.     Asymmetry – the long dark night of the designer


5         Being Seen – marketing a niche brand on a small budget
a.      Humanity – the amazing Only Watch
b.     Splash – Christie’s NYC collection
c.      Watchfam – showing some appreciation
d.     Travelling – days out with the collection


6         Choices, Choices – settling on the right watch
a.      Imagine – new pieces to die for
b.     Haute-couture – watches with attitude
c.      Temptation – build your own watch


Where it started:  my watch collection as of December 2016


Where it gets to:  how I spend my mornings – April 2020