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The most beautiful German craftsmanship. 

Hi,  I’m Robin Young.  I collect Moritz Grossmann watches and I represent the company in the UK.

You’ve come here from Scottish Watches, so chances are you’ve heard me on a podcast (#97, Dec 2019) or seen me on the Tock Show.

One of the ways we market – pre-lockdown anyway – is to get on the road (see travelling) and show people the amazing finishing up close.  

As Moritz Grossmann’s travelling collection evolves, new pieces are added and old pieces are replaced.  Some of these older pieces are put back through the factory, serviced until they are as if new, and sold on to existing customers as “certified, pre-owned”.  The piece shown here is an anthracite dial Index that I sold last year to a UK collector to be his third MG.  He is delighted with the piece and he was delighted with the price too.

If you want to ask which pieces are available, I can get you the most up to date information. Contact me direct at  or  +44 7765 884488

The Contact tab will also put you in touch.  There’s a members’ registration area there to give you access to special offers and make sure you stay in touch with MG news and UK events.

These pieces are very special.  I’m here to help you get closer to them.