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The most beautiful German craftsmanship. 

Hi,  I’m Robin Young.  I collect Moritz Grossmann watches and I represent the company in the UK.

You’ve come here from Scottish Watches, so chances are you’ve heard me on a podcast (#97, Dec 2019) or seen me on the Tock Show.

I’ve chronicled all my personal time travels on this website.  The watch you’ve clicked on is the HAMATIC.  It is an astonishing piece of horology – the only self winding movement being made in the World today to use Breguet’s original pendulum mass concept.  Outmoded by rotors for their ease of industrial manufacture, pendulum winders haven’t been made for years. And they were never made this beautifully.  You can read much more about it in “Bootleg” under “Design Stories” on the Time Pieces tab.  

But I’d much rather speak to you about it.  The Contact tab will put you in touch.  There’s a members’ registration area to give you access to special offers and make sure you stay in touch with MG news and UK events.

Or just contact me direct.    +44 7765 884488

These pieces are very special.  I’m here to help you get closer to them.