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I’ve spoken with many collectors by now about having pieces altered to their specification.  There are limits to what we can do, and some alterations are more expensive than others but here is some food for thought.

Pocket watch look alike.  Designed to be sold alongside an antique piece from MG collection

BENU Anniversary – limitation sold out.  But put black enamel on a different watch?  Why not?

TEFNUT with two piece enamel dial, blue features, vintage logo, High Art movement.

Hamatic with blue hands and dial markings – vintage logo

ATUM Alto – blue and white stitching, brooding dial, compass point indices, just enough blue to stitch a sailor’s jacket.  Reminiscent of the high seas.  Designed by yacht designer Rob Armstrong initially to raise money for charity – now his favourite piece. 

The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926.  Sold for >$1m.  Its label inspired a dial design.  All technology for this dial is in-house at MG.  Almost any design is possible.

Mesh and Long-Hole limitations now exhausted – but no reason we could not do a bespoke piece in the future.  Hi Ceram inserts in the hands and indices give a lot of design flexibility

Unusually attractive.  TEFNUT Twist for men.  Simple styling looks like a pocket watch on your wrist.  36mm of genius.

Another stand out small piece.  TEFNUT 36 in white gold and enamel.  One of a kind.

Different design options can often be turned around almost in real time.  BENU 37, enamel dial, mid-blue lettering with Havana brown XII.  Blue strap, or brown strap?  Or both!

Dial colours from one part of the range can be copied over to others, without adding markedly to the ticket price. Here is a design for a Burgundy Date, with white lettering and white gold case,  date indicator and hands – colour is taken from the Primavera.

Have you seen my Tourbillon?  Titanium case – matched colour regulator dials.  And bright orange.  Unmissable.  And very stylish.